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    • Providers of Technical Documentation Services for the Oil and Gas industries
    • Helping our clients manage and maintain their documentation and technical information archives
    • Production (Topside) Operations
    • Technical System Manuals (TSMs)
    • Platform Operating Procedures Manuals(POPMs)
    • Operation Philosophies
    • Commissioning Procedures
    • Start-up Procedures
    • Isolation Philosophies and Procedures
    • Drilling and Well Service Procedures
    • Subsea and Underwater Operations Procedures
    • Offshore Loading and Simultaneous Procedures
    • Marine (Vessel/Hull) Operations
    • Operating Procedures
    • Familiarisation and competency testing packages
    • 3D simulations and Animation based training applications
    • Training Manuals
    • Providers of Technical Documentation Services for the Oil and Gas industries

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Specialist Marine Technical Documentation Writing & Authoring Services

About WMT

Worldwide Marine Technology (WMT) is an independent UK company specialising in producing technical operating and training documentation for the marine and offshore industries.

WMT has over 28 years experience of producing marine technical documentation and has been the leading supplier for ship operating manuals to the LNG sector over that period. We have produced technical operating and safety manuals for over 400 vessels and offshore installations of all types.

WMT maintain a policy of using only very experienced senior marine and offshore personnel in order to supply operators with the best technical documentation.

WMT has many of the world's leading operators as clients and are able to satisfy their exacting demands. We are proud to be dealing with these companies and see their continued return to us as a mark of the quality of our products.

Our Quality Management System is assured by Lloyd's Register to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

WMT’s Team will meet your needs

At Worldwide Marine Technology, we understand your issues, the environment, the challenges and the needs of all the people involved with marine and offshore operations because we have been in exactly that same position. Our team of authors and project managers have all had extensive sea-going and offshore careers and know the marine and offshore industries inside out.

We have the expertise and experience to provide you with the highest quality, user-friendly, vessel-specific technical documentation that you will ever need.

Worldwide Marine Technology has over 30 members of permanent staff including Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Cargo Officers, ETOs, Process Engineers, Technical Illustrators, and Publishing Specialists. The permanent staff is supported by freelance technical authors, contract engineers, consultants and illustrators.

Staff are the most valuable asset

The quality of any product is only as good as the people who make it. This is recognised by WMT who consider their staff to be their prime asset. WMT's personnel have a diverse blend of experience and expertise, which is brought together to fulfil your technical documentation requirements.

Why should you use WMT?

It will save you money - Consider the real cost of tying-up your personnel in documentation tasks they are probably untrained to do, or have insufficient time and resources available. A far more complex and demanding task than first seems.

Professional results - Our manuals are written by qualified and experienced technical authors with the appropriate seagoing experience and expertise to understand and communicate what they write about.

Verification - WMT verify procedures under actual operational conditions once your vessel has entered service to ensure that all the procedures are correct and reflect the as-fitted systems and equipment.

Clarity is the key - WMT write in clear, imperative-style English, to ensure that documentation can be understood by personnel for whom English is a second language.

Manuals that people WANT to use - WMT produces user-friendly manuals. This can result in fewer accidents, fewer incidents and less downtime. Poor documentation is a leading cause of accidents and equipment failure and not only due to inaccuracies, but simply because personnel will not read poor quality manuals.

Keep it concise and relevant - WMT produces concise, practical documentation, on as few pages as necessary. We don't just generate paper; we convey technical information.

Being effective with your training budget - A newbuild vessel commands a large budget for the training of the crew, but what happens to the benefit of this training? It is diminished over the course of time due to staff turnover and the expertise is lost. However, recording this knowledge into ship-specific manuals ensures that it is kept with the vessel for life, offering extremely good value for money.

Company Background

Worldwide Marine Technology Ltd was formed as a joint venture between a marine controls technology company and a technical publications company. The key staff of both had previously worked on LNGC, tanker and offshore operating manuals and saw an upcoming need for a high quality marine technical publication company.

With the surge in LNGC projects for gas transportation vessels, WMT secured a first contract to produce a full set of operating & maintenance documents for 5 LNGCs newbuilding at Chantiers de l'Atlantique for Malaysia's Petronas. Building on the success of this project and the growing need for ship-owners to have high quality operating manuals, contracts for most of the LNGC and many tanker newbuilds were awarded to WMT.

With a growing order book and international reputation at the end of the '90s, WMT expanded its team with experienced marine specialists to cover the different disciplines within ship operations. The technical and publication team were integrated into one main office near Chester.

In 2003 requests were made by the Offshore industry to apply the WMT user-friendly style to the many documents routinely needed. Projects for FPSO's, Semi-Submersibles and Drilling Rigs have now become a significant part of business activity.

The company has a core staff of around 30 people supported by external authors, specialists and illustrators.

WMT continues to develop the best team of in-house marine and publications specialists with the right experience and skill sets for producing the highest quality manuals.